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47. aversion to marriage, & does not Seem to have possess'd any thoughts of Religion; the death of Such a Prince, could not be very afflicting to the Nation. He was Succeeded by His Brother Henry who apprehensive of His Brother Robert's coming, was Crown'd in Sixty hours after the death of Rufus; besides His Coronation Oath, He Swore to a Charter which He pass'd that day, wherein He redress'd many of the grievances the people had suffer'd under in the two last Reigns, by this Vacant Bishopricks & Benefices were no longer to be Sold. The Exorbitant Sums levy'd on the [[deletion]] immediate [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] on the [[/deletion]] death of the [[/addition]] tenants of the Crown for livery, licenses for marrying, Wardships & c. was to be limited, Widdows were allow'd to marry who