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45. vigilence, & ended in the ruin of the Conspirators. Soon after this necessary Service Lanfroe died when the King no longer aw'd by His advice gave loose to His haughty, cruel, & avaricious temper of which the rest of His Reign was one continu'd proof, but Rapin & Violence are not the objects of this compend, we confine ourselves as much as possible to the Sources of Great Events, the remarkable instances of Magnaminity & Virtue, the consequences of Vice & Depravity We mean [[addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] to chaulk out the Strong features that History has handed down to us, of these Men only on whose Actions the Great events of this Country have dependedl it will be Sufficient therefore just to Mention that William invaded Normandy, & that His Brother mortgag'd that Dutchy to Him & went to the Holy Land, The Noblest Action of His life was the permitting Edgar Athelin to raise an Army in His Country