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44. injurys, easy of access, fond of Conversation, but without any distinction of persons, willing to please every body, He easily made promisses, & perform'd them with a lavish hand; the consequence of all which was that the people Suffer'd extrem'ly under a gentle Prince; the unsteadiness of His temper prevented attachments; His favours, His Company, even was neglected because both one & the other were made equaly cheap to all. Thus circumstanc'd, Hais Prince hardly ever refus'd any Man an Office He ask'd, & hardly granted a considerable one, such as a Governor of a Town or Province, but He met with the greatest in gratitude, & His whole Dutely became a Scene of faction & Rebellion. Odo Bishop of Bayeux & Earl of Kent was His first Counsellor, He went over to England a form'd a Conspiracy for Him against His Brother which was entir'ly baffl'd by Lonfrancle's