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41. Insurrections, Plots & Rebellions, His Temper naturaly rough & Louty, appears to have been Sower'd & exasperated to the utmost, He treated England like a conquer'd Country with all the barbarity of an Eastern Tyrant, & seem'd to think that the most certain way to Secure the Crown, was to put His Normans in possession not only of the Honours, but of the whole property of the Country. This He in great measure effected, & from a King invited over by part of the Nation, become a cruel, Sanguinary Tyrant; the Execration of His New Subjects, the Terror & Hatred of His old one's, leaving no one example Worthy of a King to Follow, but His firm resistance to the Papal encroachments. Thus besides the Change of property brought in by the Norman Race, the change of language, Laws, & Customs, the very hearts ^ [[addition]] & temper [[/addition]] of the People were alter'd; the barbarity, Luxberry, falshood