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39. the pummel of [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] His [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] the [[/addition]] Saddles which brought on His last ilness; He was carry'd in a Litter to the Priory of Saint Jeremy, where He died the 9th. of dept. having a few days before Set at liberty the English Hostages, bequeath'd Normandy & le Maine to His Eldest for Robert; as to England He did not pretend to dispose of that Crown, but Send His favourite Son William, with Letters to Archbishop Longfronek pressing him to Crown Him; ^ [[addition]] to [[/addition]] Henry the Youngest He left £5,000. & His Mother's Jointure. This Prince's Charcutes Seems to have been drawn with harsher lines that it deserves, for He had certainly great tallents for a General, great Capacity, Prudence, Steadiness, Vigour, & Expedition, with Sound Judgment & good Natural ports, but all this was clogg'd with boundless ambition, & frequent instances of cruelty; He was esteem'd one of the