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38. & Henry, who each Succeeded to the Crown in His turn, & Richard who was kill'd in a Hunting match besides several Daughters, one of which was marry'd to Stephen Count of Blois. We pass over many little Rebellions in the King's French Dominions, nothing happening of consequence to this Country. In 1086. Edgar Athelin who had long liv'd a quiet, private life, tir'd out with the ill usage of the Norman, procur'd His permission to go to the Holy Land. The following Year, the King's health declining, found himself embark'd in a War with France, occasion'd by a silly quarel at Chess betwixt one of His Sons & the Dauphin; William enter'd the Isle of France putting every [[addition]] thing [[/addition]] to fire & Sword, investing Mantis which He took by Storm, & entering the Town, His Horse tripp'd, & flung him on