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36. His rights more warmly against the Papal encroachments, for He would not permit His Subjects to acknowledge any Pope without His orders, nor any of His Clergy to resort to Rome upon a Papal Summons without having leave from Him; the Archbishop of Canterbury was not permitted to pass any constitutions nor any of His Bishops an Ecclesiastical Censure without warrant sign'd by Him, & to keep the Clergy Still more in order, He alter'd their Tenures from [[underline]] Frank Almoine [[/underline]] to Common [[underline]] Knights Service [[/underline]] & [[underline]] Barony [[/underline]] as we mention elsewhere. With regard to the Laity almost all the Baronys in England after the forfeitures of the Earls of Mercia & Northumberland were given to Normans, who holding them by the Tenure of that Country introduc'd the Feudal Law with all its Servitude. As to the Changes made in the Laws & Revenue that belongs to other Works