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35. entirely desolated the Country, erected Strong Castles in every part of it, He had broke the power of the Nobility, bestow'd this Estates & Honours on the Norman Barons, so much that there no longer remain'd any to opose Him or to Hinder His being absolute Master of the Kingdom. The Clergy had been hitherto left untouch'd, but now in quiet possession of the Throne, He made use of the Pope's [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Legate [[/addition]] to deprive the Bishops of their Sees, & among the rest Stigand Archbishop of Canterbury, & file'd them up with Normans; tho' it is remarkable that at this time there were only four Bishops Natives of the Country, the rest all Foreigners; therefore it is no wonder that William met of Such Friends among them from the beginning, & that the Papal power was so easily introduc'd; Bur however He made use of the Pope's name to Serve His own purposes, no King ever defended