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appear'd necessary as His Mother was the Daughter of one Foubert the Duke's [[foreign: French]] Valet de Chambre [[/foreign]] Son of a Tanner. Robert died in His Pilgrimage, & during the Minority of William, Normandy was one continud Scene of Ward & discard between the Barons & c. William at the tender age of 17. commanded His own Armys, & by His prudence & valour not only preserv'd His own Country, but made good as we have seen His claim to the Crown of England. Soon after His Coronation most of the Great Nobility made their submissions & were confirm'd in their Estates; those belonging to the Barons that fell at Hastings, He divided among His Normans; He treated in the Same manner all those that had been in arms against Him; but confirm'd the Estates of all others, & granted the City of London a new Charter with all the priviledges