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This Victory prov'd His ruin, for now grown elated & Secure He sate no bounds to His avaricious temper, & treated His Army with great neglect; but mortification Soon follow'd, for in a few days accounts came that 60,000. Normans had landed at Povensee in Sussex at Michaelmas & this in spight of a Fleet by some said to [[addition]] consist of [[/addition]] [[deletion]] be [[/deletion]] 700. Sail Station'd to opose them; Harold lost in the last Battle a great many Good troops; the Earls of Mercia & Northumberland & Mercia were not come up to Him, notwithstanding which, He went on impetuously with one third of the Army that might have assembl'd in two or three days, to meet the Normans who in a little time must in that Season of the Year have been drove to great Streights for want of Provisions,indeed He was deceiv'd by the Count of Flanders, who had describ'd William's army as very