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27. His Daughter to him, got him to Swear He would Support His title; but He no sooner return'd to England then He forgot His oaths, & by marrying a Sister of ^ ^ [[addition]] the Earls of [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Mercia & Northumberland, He Secur'd all the North & Middle of England to His interest, while He himself had possession of the West. Edward dying in 1066. Harold got himself Crown'd the Same day, tho' manifestly against the Consent of the Nobility; when King He chang'd His conduct, restor'd many Estates He had taken by force, & endeavour'd to gain the affections of the People. The first attack He met with was from the Norwegians who insited by His own Brother Tosty & the Norman, invaded England; Harold defeated them entir'ly at Battle Bridge, where both the King of Norway & Tosty were kill'd.