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21. Ethelred's Widdow, which He basely consented to, the following Year He very wisely at a great Council held at Oxford, reestablish'd the antient Saxons Laws, to these He adher'd pretty strictly the rest of His Reign that pass'd [[addition]] for the most part [[/addition]] in Peace. He died in 1036. without naming His Successor; He Seems to have been a Valiant Man, & a Wise Prince; He at first treated his English Subjects with great cruelty; but when the barbarous Customs of these times are consider'd, & the great injurys He had receiv'd from Ethelred, & the manner the Danes had been treated in that Reign, He will appear in a less cruel light; He lower'd indeed the power of the Nobility, & left few of them remaining; but to their faction & treachery were in great measures owing all the evils this Country had Suffer'd for fifty Years before.