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Edward's came in 1051. to make Him a Visit, when part of His attendants committing some outrage in their journey from Dover, the People assembl'd in great Numbers, & a bloody fray ensu'd, from which He escap'd with difficulty, & made His complaint to the King at Glocester; as this happen'd in Godwin's Government, the King order'd him to march directly & punish those foudn Guilty; instead of obeying, He & His Sons rais'd Great Armys, & the King perceiving their design, sent orders to the Earls of Mercia & Northumberland to repair to Him with their forces, which at last oblig'd them to fly the Kingdom & they were banish'd by a Solemn Act of the Nobility & Council at London; but coming back again with a new Army, they march'd towards London, when all the first people of the Kingdom forc'd Edward to come to an accomodation that put this turbulent Family in possession of their Governments again, & also invested them with Some power they had not before.