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Ethelred dying in 1016. left by His first marriage three Sons, Edmund who Succeeded Him, Edwin, murder'd afterwards by Canute, & Athelstan that died Young; He had Alfred & Edward by Emma, who went with their Mother directly into Normandy. Edmund Surnam'd [[underline]] Ironside [[/underline]] was Soon after Crown'd, tho' the Clergy & great part of the Nobility offer'd the Crown to Canute; the King to stop the defection that began to be general, march'd His Army directly against the Danes, whom He fought on the borders of Glocestershire, & tho' by the treachery of Edric He had almost lost the day, Yet with the greatest intrepidity He protracted the Battle till night, & Canute afraid to risk the event of the morning, retreated with His forces to London that He had block'd up; thither Edmund follow'd Him & routed him in three different battles the last of which would have been decisive