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never to have lost a battle where He fought in Person. Athelstan His Second Son follow'd the example of Alfred, was like Him Generous, Wise, & Great, fond of Peace, yet always Victorious in War, & died in 941. without issue to the Great regret of the People, who idolis'd him. Edmund succeeded, Edred follow'd, both Brothers of the late King; the first of these was murder'd by a Common Thief; Edred appears to have been a mild yet active Prince, but too much bigotted, He dying in 955. left the Crown to Edwy Son of His Brother Edmund. He Seems to have been a great Enemy of the Monks, who blacken His Character without proper foundation; for some of our best Writers make him an excellent Prince. His Reign was full of tumults & faction that at last fomented by the Clergy broke out into open Rebellion in which Edwy was stripp'd of the greatest part of His Domions, which were given to His Younger Brother Edgar, who Soon after in 959. got the rest by His death. Edgar was totaly devoted to the Monks, tho He led a very profligate life, not that He entir'ly neglected the Safety of the Kingdom; for He maintain'd a greater Fleet than ever