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the administration of Justice prostituted, & all the different parts of Government full of faction & Anarchy; I say when all this is carefuly examin'd, we may safely affirm that no good & Great Prince born in a free Country, & like Alfred fond of the cause of Liberty, will ever despair of restoring His Country to Virtue, Freedom, Glory, even tho' He mounts the Throne in the worst corrupted times, in Storms of inward Faction, & the most threatening circumstances without; let him be but true to himself, true to Religion, Virtue, Honour Freedom; Such a Prince has a right to expect, & will most certainly have the support of that Almighty Power that decides the fate of Kingdoms, & baffles all the black designs, & reshed Arming of proud, Ambitious & Deceitful Men. Alfred was Succeeded by Edward inferior to His Father in Learning, but with equal talents in Military affairs, in so much that He is said in His long Wars with the Danes