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Prince is not well serv'd 'tis chiefly owing to himself; that a Great & Good Prince will in the worst of times have able & upright Ministers; for when Alfred Mounted the Throne, there was scarce a Man in office that was not totally unfit for it, & generaly extrem'ly corrupt in the execution of it; but by His Strict attention to their conduct, & examination into their talents, by his continual attention to the affairs of Government & administration of Justice, He got rid of the incorrigible, reclaim'd others, & form'd new Subjects for to raise his own Glory, & with it the Glory & happiness of His Country. From all this it will appear, that whether we consider the effeminate, dispirited & Corrupted State of the Country when Alfred began His Reign, the many Cruel Enemys that Surrounded Him, that were carrying fire & Sword into the heart of His Dominions, when we consider the Spirits of the People broke, their Courage inervated,