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himself; impenitrable in His Secrets, Cautious in resolving, but never to be shaken in a resoution once taken, Zealous in Religion without Bigotry; happy in the Choise of able Ministers. In private life He appears the most amiable of Men, with a fine Person, & graceful deportment, He had an even Chearful temper; knew how to be affable to all without letting down His dignity, & how to gain the people's affections without losing their respect; temperate in His diet, moderate in His desires, oeconomical for the State, yet Supporting His dignity with great magnificence, & generous all proper occasions; from all which this Prince's Character must appear the most perfect, the Annals of History can produce; no wonder all Writers have given him the name of Great, & from His whole Reign, we learn one great truth, viz. that if a