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were oblig'd to come & there to take an oath of fealty to the King, to show in what Friborgh they were enter'd. Here all misdemeanors were examin'd, the Conduct of the different Tythings & there was always a Justice present appointed by the King to take care of the rights of the Crown, of the King's Revenue, great part of which arose from [[underline]] Escheats. [[/underline]] Much more of this kind was enacted, which we have more particularly specify'd in the Constitutional History. The Great Alfred died in 900. after a Reign of 29 1/2. Years; few men ever possess'd Crown with Greater & more amiable qualitys, an Elivated mind, Superior Courage, excellent parts, & unweary'd application; forc'd to make his way to the Crown by the Sword; He had the happiness of being bred up in the Schol of adversity, Learning & Arts flourish'd under him; excellent were His Laws, & Vigorously kept up to, for He examin'd into every thing