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one of these presided over the others by the name of [[underline]] Headborough [[/underline]] or [[underline]] Tythingman [[/underline]]; in cases of greater consequence the Headboroughs of the nearest Tythings were to assemble & give judgement assisted by a Lawyer appointed by the King's Council call'd [[underline]] Dean. [[/underline]] The ordinary Courts of the Hundreds were held once a month for determining appeal from the Tythings, for which purpose six days before they met the [[underline]] Hundreder [[/underline]] summon'd all the Tythings or as it is sometimes call'd [[underline]] Friborghs [[/underline]] within the Hundred, & twelve of the most Considerable Freeholders were sworn with him to judge uprightly in all causes coming before them, & their Sentence was generaly call'd the Judgement of the Country. Besides this there was generaly held once a Year an extraordinary meeting of the Hundred call'd [[underline]] Frankpledge [[/underline]] or [[underline]] Court leet [[/underline]] to which all above twelve Years old, Nobility & Clergy excepted, whether Denizen or Stranger,