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in arming His Subjects, He did His utmost to make them a Nation of Warriors, proud at being the King of a free People, His whole car was employ'd to keep them so; for fond of Liberty He wish'd to have all free as their own thoughts, an expression he himself makes use of in His last Will. In 893. He was interrupted in these Wise institutions by a Sudden invasion of the Danes assisted by the Northumbreans; these were entir'ly defeated & drove back to their Country in three Years time, which left the King once more at liberty to recede these Schemes. He at this time divided England into [[underline]] Countys, Hundreds, [[/underline]] & [[underline]] Tythings, [[/underline]] & this division introduc'd a new method of Justice; the English had hitherto administer'd Justice amongst their Vassals & Tenants; the Bishops &c. had done the same on their Lands; but now ten Freeholders with their familys were form'd into a body call'd a [[underline]] Tything, [[/underline]] & were pledges to the King for the behaviour of one another,