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compar'd with the Danes; to remedy which, Alfred divided allt he Military part of them into two Corps, to one He allotted Constant Garison Duty, whilst the other remain'd at home to follow their Country business, exercising only on Festivals, & thus releaving one another by turns, all grew us'd to arms. He appointed Governors or Lord Lieutenants of each Province fixing the different boundarys of them, through all these He had Beacons plac'd at proper distances on the firing of which the neighbouring Militia were to march immediately to a place of rendezvous, where the Lord Lieutenant was ready to lead them to that part of the Country committed to his care; thus every Man had his post assign'd for th Common Security, & as a farther provision, He kept a chosen number of West Saxons & Britons near His person. To raise higher the Martial Spirit of the People, He reviv'd an antient Saxon Custom of girding Young Gentlemen of a proper age with a Sword, which was done with great solemnity; thus far from apprehending any danger