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or Cimbri of the Cimbric Chersonese a Country since known by the names of Justland, Angelen & Holstein, which last was the peculiar seat of the Saxons, the others of the Jutes & Angles, who came over with them & settl'd as we shall see hereafter over all this Country. As the Northern Nations quitted their Seats about the middle of the third century to invade the Roman Empire, the Saxons extended their settlements along the Coast, from the Mouth of the Elbe & Weser to the Ems; among these were the Frisians commanded by Hengist & Horsa, from whom the English Saxons discended. The Saxons were at this time on good terms with the Franks whose Customs & language nearly resembl'd theirs. They had also frequently the assistance of the Picts in the diversions they made on the Southern Provinces of Britain; they had been long in possession of the Orkneys where Claudian mentions them in the Reign of Honorius; but this Colony on their Countrymen being invited over, came further South to Seek their fortune. There are many various opinions with regard to the Year when the Saxons first came over, the most probable Era