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& landed near Deal as many think with great probability; but in their attempting it were attack'd by the Natives, whom He put to flight, & so much intimidated, that they sent offers of Peace, which were soon broke by the Britons who attack'd him in his intrechments, they were again defeated & renew'd their desire of peace; this happening near the equinox, Cesar thought proper to return to Gaul; thus ended his first expedition. Upon His Second attempt, He found the Britons more numerous; but the discipline of His Men, generally made them Victorious over this naked people, on whom at last He impos'd a Certain tribute, & left the Island towards the equinox. After Cesar's death, the Civil Wars prevented the Romans of thinking of Britain; during the Reigns of Augustus, & Tiberius these Islanders had frequent intercourse with the Roman Empire, some of their Nobility were educated in Rome itself.