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in the midst of danger. The strip'd Plad belted about their loins & trowsers of various Colours was the Common dress of all; tho the poorer Sort frequently went naked; the Greatest magnificence Shown by the Britons was in their Chariots for War, of which they had great numbers, arming the Wheels with Sharp Sythes; they had among them the Broad Sword, Daggers, & Javelins, with little round Shields cover'd with Leather, & brass Nails; the Common People could not afford the use of Iron, so made use of Darts of Wood, burnt & made Sharp at the ends, with long Staves edg'd with Flint; but the Gauls had Coats of Mile, Javelins, Battle Axes &c. both nations charg'd in battle with an impetuosity hardly to be resisted; but if baffl'd in their first on set, they were soon put into Confusion, & totally ignorant of discipline, & unprovided with warlike Stores, they had no after defence, but what their love of liberty expir'd them with. Such was the State of Britain when Cesar first attack'd it, He sail'd from Gaul in August 55th. Year before Christ,