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under one Chief for their common safety, made about 64. distinct Nations call'd by the Romans Civitates. These great Divisions produc'd eternal factions & Cabals, to which was owing Cesar's great Success. As to the Old Britons they had also many Small Sovereigntys by no means united together in a common Cause; for tho' those whom Cesar attack'd defended themselves, the remoter parts remain'd quiet till the Conquerors approach'd; besides the Southern parts of the Island next to the Continent was in the hand of another People, whom tho' at first they receiv'd as friends, at last became their bitterest Enemys. There was a great difference in the ways of life of these two People, the antient Britons liv'd like the Nomades upon Milk & roots, their Sole employment was keeping Cattle, without Towns or Citys; on the contrary the Gauls liv'd in a more civilized manner, they were both Husbandmen & Merchants, & associated together in Towns & Villages; both Nations had Warlike dispositions, great intrepedity