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Chap. 1. The History of Britain before the time of Julius Cesar The first settlement of this Country is extrem'ly uncertain both as to time & manner, We know in general that the Celta overrun Gaul, & from the Sea Coast of that Country extended themselves into Britain, & the very name of Britain seems to denote the particular Nation that first ventur'd over, for the Britanni were a Celtick Nation, situated as some think on the Banks of the Sone, & that Aleville formerly a good port was their capital. The Belge about 150. Years before Christ, drove the Cimbri out of Germany, overrun the Maritime provinces of Gaul, & from thence transported forces to Britain, reducing the Southern parts of the Country from Kent to the Lands end under their obedience, & likewise extended themselves into the Maritime Countys of Munster & Leinster in Ireland. About 50. Years after this, another Army of the Belge under Divitiacus invaded England, & Conquer'd the Countys of Berks, Hants, Wilts, Oxford, & part of Somerset & Sussex.