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8. The Inhabitants of that province migrating into Gaul, to Supply their place, Hengist brought over great numbers of His Countrymen while He pursu'd His conquests there, Ella [[addition]] * [[/addition]] [[note]] *477. [[/note]] another Saxon Chief landed in Sussex, afterwards took the name of King, & was the founder of the South Saxon Royalty. [[note]] +495. [[/note]] Next to Him Cerdick+ landed in Norfolk He strech'd His conquests over Dorset & Hants, & began the West Saxon Kingdom. He had for an antagonist the famous Prince Arthur, with whose death the British valour seem'd to expire. In the Year 527. more Saxons came over, who rais'd the Kingdoms of Mercia & the East Angles, which last was under the Command of Uffa, the former of Crida a descendant of Woden. More of these invadors came over about the Same time, who Seiz'd by degrees, Essese, Middlesex & part of Hertfordshire, which became the East Saxon Kingdom. The remaining part of the Kingdom East of the Severn, & South of Lincolnshire & Yorkshire, belong'd to Mercia, except Norfolk, Suffolk, & Cambridgeshire which was under the East Angles. The last of the Heptarchy was the Kingdom of Northumberland, whose Leaders tho' they came over as soon as the rest, did not take the title of King till long after