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7. They had also frequently the assistance of the Puts in the diversions they made on the Southern provinces of Britain; they had been long in possession of the Orkneys where Claudian Mentions them in the Reign of Honorius; but this Colony on their Countrymen being invited over, came further South to Seek their fortune. There are many various opinions with regard to the Year when the Saxons first came over, the most probable Era is about 454. which is the Year Usher approves of; the first body of them came under the Command of Hengist & Horsa Sons of Wictgibsus Great Grandson to Waden from whom all the Saxon Princes that compos'd the Heptarchy were discended; their number could not well exceed 1500. as they were transported in three flat bottom'd Vessels only; they first landed at Hypwinsflest now Ebsfleet in the Isle of Thanet; they Soon routed the Picts beyond the Humber which made the Natives very desirous to give them Settlements; these observing the indolence & dissentions of the Britons soon got over 5000. more of their Countrymen with their Wives & Children, which were follow'd from time to time by others; began to allarm the Inhabitants when too late; for the Saxons now Strong enough pick'd a quarrel with the Britons & attack'd the Provinces adjoining to their Settlements with Fire & Sword, who assembling their forces fought Several Battles with various Success; in one of which Horsa was kill'd; two Years after a decisive one happen'd near Dorford, which gave Hengist the possession of Kent.