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6. long after ye. rest of ye. Roman Emp-e. in Europe was totally overrun by innundations of barbarous Nations; after many battles with various fortune, they made a peace with their Norman Neighbours, this they enjoy'd for some time, but allarm'd on a sudden with a report yt. their old enemies were preparing for another invasion, they resolv'd with an imprudence [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] unparallel'd in History, ^ [[addition]] to [[/addition]] call [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ye. Saxons to their assistance. There was at this time but one considerable K-m in Britain call'd Strathcluid, yt. took in Wales, Cumberland, & ye. rest of ye. Country to Galloway, ye. other parts of Britain were divided into as many K-ms as Shires; ye. D-m. of Cornwal excepted yt. taking in Devon, & part of Somerset, remain'd almost entire to ye. Norman conquest. The Saxons had for 150. Years past, frequently infested the British Coasts; the Name of these people conveys along with it their original descent, springing from the Sax a tribe of the Cemerii or Cimtri, of the Cimbri Chersonesse a Country Since known by the Names of Jutland, Angclen & Holstein, which last was the peculiar Seat of the Saxons, the others of the Jutes & Angles, who came over with them & Settl'd as we shall See hereafter, over all this Country. As the Northern Nations quitted their Seats about the Middle of the 3d. Century to invade the Roman Empire, the Saxons extended their Settlements along the Coast, from the Mouth of Elbe & Weser to the Ems; among these were the Frisians commanded by Hengist & Horsa, from whom the English Saxons discended. The Saxons were at this time on good terms with the Franks whose Customs & Language nearly resembl'd theirs.