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2. they chose a Gen. in Chief, sometimes a K. whose power continued only for ye. Occasion. Each particular Nation in certain exigences chose sometimes one, & sometimes, tho' seldom two leaders, not unlike ye. Roman Dictator, but with less power, & yt. ending with thier lives; such a leader or K. was Divitacus, whose ambition alone prevented his Belga from uniting cordialy with ye. Britons. to whom they bore a great resemblance, in temper, Customs, & language, & above all in their Religion, both Nations being under ye. direction of ye. Druids who besides a great influence in Civil affairs, were absolute in Religous matters. Many affirm these Druids were men of great Learning; Pezeron makes them descended from ye. Curetes, ye. Ministers of Heaven among ye. Greeks they are said like them to be skill'd in all ye. Arts particularly Astronomy; & yt. they pretended to familiar intercourses with ye. Gods; long treatises have been writ describing ye. Customs, manners, Religious Rights &c. of these British Priests, but as they are founded upon no proofs, & almost entirely conjecture 'tis sufficient Here, to have just Mention'd them. [[deletion]] At ye. time of Cesar's invasion [[/deletion]] Chap II. From ye. Invasion of Cesar till ye. Romans quitted Britain We have seen how ye. Celts overun this Country from ye. Coast of Gaul, how they were [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] dispossess'd [[/addition]] of many prov-s by ye. Belge, & how another migration of this last People under Divitacus forc'd ye. old Settlers their Country ^ [[addition]] men [[/addition]] to abandon part of their conquest to them. Of these Gauls at ye. time of Cesar's invasion, there were upward of 400 Clans; but many of these uniting under one Chief for thier common safety, made about 64 distinct Nations, call'd by ye. Romans Civitates. These great divisions produced eternal factions & Cabals, to which was owing Cesar's great Success.