Letter from Queen Charlotte to Prince William, written at Queen's House

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My dearest William. I received Your Letter by the Messenger & did not fail to [[deletion]] send [[/deletion]] shew it to the King that very Day, as I was sure that Your own expressions must be by far more powerful than mine. The King I don't doubt will answer You Himself. As for my part I am You know very Sincere & open, & therefore cannot help observing that though You acknowledge Yourself to be wrong, & sorry for what You have done, still You are determined to lay the fault [[deletion]] upon [[/deletion]] [[addition]] to [[/addition]] People & places, that have nothing to do with it, & You shew to clearly, that You trust more to Your [[deletion]] opinion [[/deletion]] [[underline]] unexperienced opinion [[/underline]], than to that of others who are to conduct You. Untill this [[addition]] false [[/addition]] Ambition of Yours to know better than others, can be conquered by some grains of diffidence, You will never prosper nor profit by any thing that the King can do for You. I really cannot repeat in every letter the