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British fleet to Lisbon in 1735. Portugal would certainly have been invaded; but ye. two Courts were not entirely reconcil'd till in 1737. ye. K. for ye. space of 13 years longer continued wisely [[deletion]] follow [[/deletion]] [[addition]] prosecuted [[/addition]] ye. plan he had adher'd to from his Youth. but ^ [[addition]] men [[/addition]] being struck with ye. Palsy everything fell contrary to ye. interest & inclination of ye. People into ye. Hands of ye. Priests. A treaty was made in 1750. with Spain by which Nova Colonia, on ye. River Plate, was to ye. great grief of ye. Portuguese yielded to [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] them [[/addition]] ye. K. died ye. same year. His Son Joseph succeeded Him; He by slow degrees has made great alterations [[deletion]] for the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] amongst others [[/addition]] has restrain ye. Power of ye. Inquisition what chiefly ye. People fear is ye. K. having no Children, yet it is not doubted but He will make a proper settlement in case case he should have none. It is necessary yt. Portugal should live on good terms with Great Britain because France is & in all probability will remain, formidable to it; & while this friendship continue & yt. Britain retains Her superiority at Sea, Portugal has nothing to fear. Portugal has very little to do either with ye. Northern Crowns, or with Italy, & if a P. should set on ye. throne, who would put ye. Navy into good condition, He would soon silence ye. Barbary Pirates who now are great gainers by attacking them. [[deletion]] which from a more [[unclear]] a [[unclear]] more than ye. [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] ye. Portuguese carried on a considerable trade [[deletion]] in ye. E. Indies. [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] but [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] in S. America; as to ye. Brazils, they have nothing ^ [[addition]] to fear [[/addition]] except least ye. Negroes should make an insurrection. formerly their commerce in Asia was very considerable, they having an immence Emp-e there, which is now reduc'd to very little more than ye. City of Goa; 'tis said yt. they intend to encrease their trade there by correcting several Abuses; but ye. rest of Europe must be at War before this can be brought about. Before Portugal was a Province of Spain their Ps. chiefly applied themselves to encreasing [[unclear]] fleet, & in supporting their Colonies & in extending their commerce, but since their Slavery they have totally employ'd themselves in defending their own Country, & in recovering ye. Brazils. If Portugal looses ye. present opportunity yt. Europe should settle on its old foundation their dependency on Spain, will be as great, as some writers pretend they are now. If they had at ye. last piece endeavor'd to restore their trade in Asia by this time, they have had ye. most except ye. Dutch ^ [[addition]] there [[/addition]] They with a proper assertion might also make a great Navy.