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Daughter, by whom he had [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] John P. of Brazil & three other Sons. ye. continued to act with great clemency & Justice, & a little before ye. treaty of Riswick offer'd his Mediation to Lewis XIV. who refus'd it; ye. K took no notice of this affront, but when France & Spain, went to war with each other, Pedro altho' caress'd by France join'd with Spain yt. he might have a reason to break his treaty with France he demanded ye. 30 Ships of ye. Line, & ye. sum of money from them, as stipulated by their treaty. this not being complied, be join'd with Charles III. when he claim'd Spain; by ye. treaty He was to marry ye. Infanta of Portugal who who but 7 years old, & some places were to be yieded to him on ye. continent, as well as in ye. Indies & in America. A few days before Charles III. arrived at Lisbon, ye. Young Infanta died; but this made no alteration in their alliance but before any measures could be taken Pedro died in 1706. Tho' ye. Spaniards surpriz'd Alcantara, very soon after his Son John V. mounted ye. throne; yet ye. K. so assisted ye. allies yt. ye. K. of Spain was [[unclear]] very near loosing his crown at ye. Peace he made with Spain in 1715, he got some places both in Europe & in America. During ye. course of ye. war great Good Mines were found in ye. Brazils which brought great Riches into Portugal; but instantly was [[unclear]] to England for commodities; ye. K. was much hurt at yt. & after consulting with his Min-s. resolv'd to prohibit ye. wear of foreign Manufactures; he consulted Ld. Galway, who commanded ye. British troops in those parts, (who was a Frenchman) & for whom he had great friendship, this plainly show'd him yt, tho at ye. first look it seem'd much to ye. advantage of his Subjects, yet yt. it would prove a great detriment to ye. Nation; this wise K. follow'd his advice by laying aside this Scheme. In 1750. Bichi was sent skin from ye. Pope to ye. K. who at first was not lik'd, but at last grew into such favor, yt. ye. K. ask'd a Card. Cap for him but Clement XI. said yt. he had promiss'd it to ye. Emp. ye. K. ask'd one for ye. same man of Innocent XIII. who not only with a high hand