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Philip II. K. of Spain conquer'd Portugal in 1580. at ye. death of K. Henry ye. Natives were famous for [[unclear]] for their Ps. but did not like being turn'd into a Province of Spain, therefore they were very indifferent to what happen'd. ye. Dutch took this opportunity to seize their settlements on ye. Coast of Africa, & in great measure ye. Brazils. ye. Portuguese at last being quite tir'd of ye. behaviour of those who came as governors from Madrid, persuaded ye. D. of Braganza ^ [[addition]] afterwards John IV. [[/addition]] to [[unclear]] ye. throne; an his accepting it ye. whole Nation join'd him; this Revolution was made without much loss of blood; tho' ye. ye. Spaniards carried on a long war with them, [[deletion]] [[unclear]] great [[unclear]] [[/addition]] ye. Dutch took many places in Asia from them, & only left them Goa, Bombay, Diu, & some inconsiderable places; but got ye. whole Brazils back again. John IV. died in 1651. He was succeeded by his Son Alphonso VI. who was an infant, ye. Queen Dowager his Mother was made Regent. Ye. Portuguese were in great fears at ye. treaty of ye. Pirennees for France their only ally, there promiss'd not to resist; but yet they sent them a greater army & under ye. command of ye. D. of Schombergh, than they had ever done before with this reenforcement they defeated ye. Spaniards first at Estremos & then at Villa Viciosa. On Lewis XIV. falling into ye. Low Countries ye. were forc'd to make peace with ye. Portuguese, Charles II. of England was ye. mediator by it ye. Spaniards renounc'd all claim to Portugal, & a knowledg'd ye. Ds. of Bragança as Ks. after after a war of 28 years. Alphonso VI. was a very weak P; He was advis'd as soon as he came of age to take ye. Govern. out of his Mother's lands & to many ye. Pss. of Savoy Nemours; ue. K. acted in such a manner yt. ye. Queen as her having liv'd 6 months with him retir'd to a convent declaring it was for ye. preservation of her Honour & of Her life. ye. Infant Don Pedro ye. K. Bro. on account of ye. K incapacity took ye. Govern. into his own hands, secur'd his Bro. had him kept with great tenderness at ye. Island of Tercera, & got a dispensation from ye. Pope. to marry ye. Queen; it being said ye. K. was not duely respected; Don Philips, brought him to ye. Castle of Linear within a mile of Lisbon, where he remain'd till he died in 1683. Don [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Pedro [[/addition]] did not take ye. title of K. till other ye. death of his Bro. ye. Queen dying, & also a Pss. was [[deletion]] K. Philip [[/deletion]] [[addition]] his [[/addition]] only child, [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ye. Nation ^ [[addition]] wish it [[/addition]] he [[addition]] should [[/addition]] marry [[deletion]] only ye. [[/deletion]] [[addition]] upon which he espous'd [[/addition]] Elec. Palatines