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Portugal in ye. Reign of Roderick ye. lost k. of ye. Gothick line, became a part of ye. Dominions of ye. Moors. Alphonso VI. gave Henry gen. ly supposed to have been a Burgundian his Daughter Theresa with Portugal, for his gallant behaviour against ye. Moors, & also as much as he could conquer beyond ye. Guadiana of them, on condition yt. he would be a vassal of Leon, & serve under ye. K. in war with 300. Horse. He died in 1112. His Son Alphonso I. threw of ye. Subjection to Leon, & was proclaim'd K. in 1139. He in ye. same year bent ye. Moors, & took 5 standards from them, which have ever since been in ye. as mo of Portugal I 1147. he took Lisbon from ye. same people. [[deletion]] [[unclear]] Regent [[/deletion]] K. Ferd. daughter Beatrice married John K. of Castile, it was agreed yt. yt. ye. Children of these should succeed to Portugal, & yt. Eleanor, Beatrice's Mother should be Regent; She became very disagreable to her subjects by trusting entirely in ye. C-t. of Andeira; who was murder'd by John, a natural son of Philip K. of Port. this made him agreable to ye. People, & in 1385. was chose K. his son Edward discover'd ye. Island of Madeira in 1415. [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] John II. had an exact Survey made of ye, Coast of Africa as far as ye. Cape of Good Hope; He built fort St. George de la Mino, on ye. Coast of Guinea; it is to this P. conduct yt. ye. way was pav'd for ye. E. India trade. All ye. Jews & Moors were banish'd by Emanuel; & all ye. Children under 14. Christen'd, even many of ye. People were yt. they might not be plunder'd. In 1497. Visco de Gama was ye. [[underline]] 1st [[/underline]] yt. went round Africa & landed at Calicut, ye. ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] Sultan of [[/underline]] [[/addition]] Egypt [[unclear]] & Venicians opos'd this sea trade with ye. E. Indies, all ^ [[addition]] more [[/addition]] goods coming before thro' their dominions ye. Portuguese built forts in ye. E. Indies not choosing to trust ye. ye. promises of ye. Indian Ks. In 1500 [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Brasil was discover'd by Peter Alvarez Caprolis, or as some say by Americas Vespasias