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5. the reason is plain the Public has more occasion for Politicians than Lawyers & Painters & let a man of middling tallents favour'd by circumstances do great things in a high Office, he will ever pass as Superior to one, who tho possessing ten times his parts is in a lower Office prevented from unforseen events from executing any thing considerable; in time of great calamity but small degree of merit opens the way to the highest praises, how immensely was Terentius Varo extoll'd for no other reason than that he did not despair of the Public; had Camillus defeated the Gauls at the Battle of Allia instead of doing it at the foot of the Capitol, he never would have been call'd the second founder of Rome. After what we have said it should follow that the memory of these great Men, Generals, Politicians & c. should far out live that of their contemporarys