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to it. But why should I not cut it ^ [[addition]] the story [[/addition]] short? he obtain'd it; this [[deletion]] desirous [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Greedy [[/addition]] & rich man gave as much for it as Pythius ask'd; & bought all that belong'd to it: [[deletion]] he [[/deletion]] [[addition]] security [[/addition]] [[deletion]] agreed to it ^ [[addition]] was given for the purchase, [[/addition]] & they struck up a bargain. canius invited some of his friends to come & t see [[deletion]] t [[/deletion]] him there: he himself came there early: he saw no fishing boats there: he enquired of the of the neighbours, whether it was not a Holy day among the Fishermen, for he saw none of them there. None that I know of, answered the man: but they are not accustom'd to fish here; therefore I wondered [[unclear]] , at what happen'd. Canius