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For [[deletion]] which [[/deletion]] [[addition]] in the first [[/addition]] place ^ [[addition]] what room [[/addition]] will be [[unclear]] for prudence must it only hunt after delights to [[deletion]] for [[/deletion]] gratify pleasure? how miserable [[deletion]] slave [[addition]] a [[unclear]] [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] virtue will be to pleasure & what [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] a servitude is this for [[/underline]] virtue; only to cater [[/addition]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] for pleasure! [[addition]] but [[/addition]] what is the [[/underline]] [[/addition]] office of [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] prudence? will it be only ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] to pick & [[/underline]] [[/addition]] to choose [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] pleasure? ^ [[addition]] [[deletion]] part do [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] nothing [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] suppose no employment [[/addition]] more agreable; [[addition]] yet [[/addition]] what can be thought more shamefull? now [[addition]] he [[/addition]] who says that pain is the greatest evil, what room has he ^ [[addition]] less [[/addition]] fortitude, which [[deletion]] is the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] consits in [[/addition]] despising [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] pain & labor? for altho' Epicurus says many things ^ [[addition]] elsewhere as well [[/addition]] in this place ( [[deletion]] he also says this [[/deletion]] [[addition]] as he says here [[/addition ) [[deletion]] strength of pain [[/deletion]] [[addition]] courageously enough [[/addition]] pain: yet it is not so much to be considered what he says, as what is agreable to his system, who makes pleasure the chief +