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but also the laws of ^ [[addition]] particular [[/addition]] people are settled in the same way [[deletion]] ( [[/deletion]] & law down this principle that is is not lawfull to hurt another for [[deletion]] ones [[/deletion]] [[addition]] one's [[/addition]] own convenience: for the [[deletion]] y [[/deletion]] have this in view, & chiefly intent this one thing that [[deletion]] they will have that the comming together [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] society [[/addition]] of citizens ^ [[addition]] may [[/addition]] be safe, those who destroy it they punish with death, exile, prison, & fines, And the ^ [[addition]] nature & [[/addition]] reason of [[deletion]] nature does much more [[/deletion]] [[addition]] things [[/addition]], which is the Divine & human law, ^ [[addition]] binds this still more strongly [[/addition]] [[deletion]] to whom whole [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] which law whoever [[/underline]] [[/addition]] would obey (but all will obey it, who intend to live agreably to nature), [[deletion]] should [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] will never suffer [[/addition]] himself to covet what belongs to to another [[deletion]] as to with other ways, & to take from another [[/deletion]] or to apply to his own use what he takes [[deletion]] for oneself [[/deletion]] from another.