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For altho our books have excited many ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] out only to read but also [[/underline]] [[/addition]] to write; yet I sometimes fear least the name of Philosophy [[deletion]] yet [[unclear]] least some good men [[/deletion]] should be hated by some good men, & ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] they should [[/underline]] [[/addition]] wonder why I bestow so much time & labor upon it. But I, as long as the republick was taken care of by those; to whom she had committed herself, I gave up all my thoughts & care to her: but when all was under the power of one single man, & there was no ^ [[addition]] room either [[/addition]] [[deletion]] council [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition] [[underline]] for all [[unclear]] [[/underline]] [[/addition]] or authority to interpose, and I had lost those great men so no were my companions in [[unclear]] would neither give myself up to sorrow, (which would have overpower'd me if I had not [[deletion]] mor [[unclear]] be myself unworthy of bring [[/deletion]] resisted nor to pleasure which would [[deletion]] as wise man by giving myself up to [[/deletion]] have been unworthy of a learned man [[deletion]] pleasure, which with Philosophy & could not have resisted. [[/deletion]]