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Therefore this is the third of those three ^ [[addition]] things [[/addition]] which belong to glory, that we should be judged worthy of ^ [[addition]] the [[/addition]] admiration & [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] honor of men. Therefore ^ [[addition]] in general [[/addition]] they admire all things which surpass their opinion [[deletion]] but separately if [[/deletion]] [[addition]] & with regard to particular where [[/addition]] they perceive any good qualities which they did not look for. Therefore they chiefly [[deletion]] suspect [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] & cry up to the skies [[/addition]] those men, in whom they think they perceive some excellent & singular virtues: But they contemn & despise those, in whom they think there is no virtue, [[deletion]] no soul [[/deletion]] [[addition]] no courage [[/addition]], [[deletion]] nor any [[/deletion]] nor any strength [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]] or resolution. [[deletion]] and like chips in porrige. [[/deletion]] L. F. E.