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For what do we think of Dionysius? how full [[deletion]] would [[/deletion]] [[addition]] was [[/addition]] he always of fear [[deletion]] f [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] & anguish! [[/addition]] for he feared to shave himself with rasors & therefore [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] singed off his bear with with a red hot coal [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]]: What do we think of Alexander Phereus? who also always lived in anxiety; who (as we have read) [[deletion]] when [[/deletion]] [[addition]] altho [[/addition]] he loved his wife Thebe very much, yet when he used to go ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] to her bedchamber [[/underline]] [[/addition]] from a banquet, he [[deletion]] used [[/deletion]] command [[deletion]] d [[/deletion]] a Slave who was branded with the Thracian mark to go with a drawn Sword before him: I ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] used too [[/underline]] [[/addition]] sent some of his attendants, to examine the womens cloaths presses, least a dart might be had in their cloaths.