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his eyes. But if [[deletion]] this this same [[/deletion]] Sophocles had said [[deletion]] so [[/deletion]] [[addition]] the same [[/addition]] when he was choosing Wrestlers, he would have deserved praise. But whose arts in which there is [[deletion]] [[unclear]] prudence [[/deletion]] [[addition]] more skill & understanding [[/addition]] & ^ [[addition]] in [[/addition]] which there is [[deletion]] no less [[/deletion]] [[addition]] no small [[/addition]] utility, as [[addition]] in [[/addition]] that [[deletion]] of [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] of a Physician [[/addition]] [[deletion]] of an architect, as that of those who study [[/deletion]] that any architect, or any other creditable employment all these became those to whose rank putation of the ^ [[addition]] they are [[unclear]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] merchandize [[deletion]] ng [[/deletion]] [[addition]] indeed [[/addition]] if it is but for small things is thought sordid. but if great & copious & [[deletion]] bringing [[/deletion]] [[addition]] importing [[/addition]] many things from diverse nations and selling it without fraud or catortion, is not [[deletion]] must [[/deletion]] much [[deletion]] [[unclear]] it [[unclear]] lying, [[unclear]] very [[/deletion]] to be discommended: [[deletion]] shamefull [[/deletion]] & also, if ^ [[addition]] merchant [[/addition]] when satisfied with the gains they have acquired, or rather contented as they [[addition]] have [[/addition]] often [[deletion]] [[unclear]] of the part so they [[/deletion]] [[addition]] from Sea arrived [[deletion]] safe [[/deletion]] in Port [[/addition]] so at last leave the port itself & [[unclear]] [[deletion]] come into the port they [[unclear]] to a [[unclear]] life [[unclear]] deserve true praise [[/deletion]]. to their fields & possessions seem to me to have the justest title to praise