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least they should give [[deletion]] themselves [[/deletion]] [[addition]] way to languor & laziness. [[deletion]] But [[/deletion]] Luxury which is shamefull at all ages, in an old man is beastly. [[deletion]] but if also anyone [[/deletion]] [[addition]] but if they have also any taste for any ungovern'd [[/addition]] passion & it is doubly wrong: because ^ [[addition]] it brings a reproach [[/addition]] [[deletion]] both [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] upon old age itself [[/addition]] & makes the intemperance of youth more impudent. [[deletion]] & makes youth more [[/deletion]] Therefore such order [[deletion]] of action [[/deletion]] is to be observed in our actions, that as in a sect spe [[deletion]] a [[/deletion]] [[addition]] e [[/addition]] ch so also in life all things ought to be properly adapted. For it is shameful & very wrong, to [[deletion]] neat [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] say [[/addition]] & witty things when one is talking ^ [[addition]] of upon [[/addition]] grave [[deletion]] ly [[/deletion]] matters, but very proper at a banquet. It was well said by Perciles, when he had Sophocles [[addition]] the poet [[/addition]] for his collegue ^ [[addition]] when he was Orator [[/addition]] & they were met upon publick business, & by chance a pretty boy passed by, Sophocles said, O Pericles what a fine boy that is! O Sophocles it does not become [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] a [[/addition]] Orator [[addition]] only [[/addition]] to have [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] his hands undefiled but also [[/addition]]