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for the inexperience [[deletion]] of the beginning of [[/deletion]] [[addition]] of those who are but just [[deletion]] [[unclear]] upon [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] youth ought to be [[deletion]] placed [[/deletion]] directed ^ [[addition]] and governed [[/addition]] by the prudence of people who are in years. For that age is chiefly to be kept of many ungoverned passion, & to be exercised in labor & patience both of body of mind; [[deletion]] as [[/deletion]] [[addition]] that their [[/addition]] industry ^ [[deletion]] strengthen them [[/deletion]] [[addition]] may improve and gain strength [[/addition]] both for ^ [[addition]] affairs at [[/addition]] home & abroad [[deletion]] affairs [[/deletion]] And also when [[deletion]] if [[/deletion]] they relax their minds, & give themselves up to pleasure, they should be void of intemperance, & remember modest: which will be more easy if older persons would be present. But old men ought to lessen their labors of the body, & increase those of the mind: [[deletion]] but [[/deletion]] they should employ themselves in doing what is in their power to give advice both to their friends & so young men, but most of all [[deletion]] for [[/deletion]] [[addition]] to [[/addition]] the republick. But nothing is to be more avoided by Old men, than