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to do every thing they would do, but only those things which are not contrary to honest ^ [[addition]] suituous [[/addition]] actions; so ^ [[addition]] even [[/addition]] in jo [[deletion]] a [[/deletion]] king good principles [[addition]] should [[/addition]] shine out. There are are two kinds of joaking: the one, illiberal, petulant, flagitious, & obscene. The other el [[deletion]] l [[/deletion]] egant, polite, ingenious, and pleasant. For he does [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]], [[addition]] most as it becomes him, who acts [[/addition]] what is the part which is most natural to him [[deletion]] therefore everyone follows [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Let every one therefore endeavour to [[unclear]] know [[/addition]] his own tallents, [[deletion]] & find himself to ^ his own [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] [[unclear]] a [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]] strict & impartial [[/underline]] [[/addition]] judge [[deletion]] of every [[addition]] what [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] both of what is good & bad in oneself; [[deletion]] thing he does both good & bad; we should [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] not have [[/deletion]] [[addition]] least [[/addition]] actors ^ [[addition]] should [[/addition]] seem to have more prudence than we have: for they do not choose the top parts for themselves, but those which they think they are most