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intercourses of life, such as council, conversations [[deletion]] council, advise [[/deletion]] exhortations, consolation [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]], & sometimes also reproof ^ [[addition] [[deletion]] whom that is necessary [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] are of great [[/deletion]] when that is necessary, thrive best among [[deletion]] he [[unclear]] friendship and those [[/deletion]] friends: and that is the mor agreable [[deletion]] most pleasant [[unclear]] which arrises [[/deletion]] friendship, which is [[unclear]] by a similitude [[deletion]] [[unclear]] annex [[/deletion]] of man For we are [[unclear]] form'd by nature, as to seem to be made for sport & joking; but rather for things of a serious nature, and for more employments. wity [[deletion]] But [[/deletion]] It is ^ [[addition]] however [[/addition]] lawfull to ^ [[addition]] use [[/addition]] sporting & [[deletion]] jokes [[/deletion]] [[addition]] joaking [[/addition]]; but as [[addition]] we use [[/addition]] sleep & other refreshments, when we have [[addition]] first [[/addition]] perform'd [[unclear]] grave & serious [[deletion]] things [[/deletion]] [[addition]] attains [[/addition]]. But then our joking ought to be neither profuse nor immodest, but ingenuous & facetious: for as we do not give [[deletion]] all [[/deletion]] liberty to Stoyus