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to be the [[deletion]] justice [[/deletion]] [[addition]] chief end of [[/addition]] friendship, that all should act ^ [[addition]] to be [[/addition]] as one. Also there is [[deletion]] a [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] another [[/addition]] great connection, ^ [[addition]] between men [[/addition]] which arrises from giving & receiving benefits; [[deletion]] which are both [[/deletion]] [[addition]] which while they [[/addition]] ^ [[addition]] are [[/addition]] carried on with mutual love & gratitude [[deletion]] mutual & [[/deletion]] unite men together in the strictest [[deletion]] bonds of society. But [[addition]] as [[/addition]] when [[unclear]] being [[/deletion]] bonds of Society. But when take a view [[deletion]] is stronger not dearer than that which [[/deletion]] of all [[deletion]] reason of the mind [[/deletion]] [[addition]] these relations [[/addition]], we ^ [[addition]] shall [[/addition]] find no society stronger nor more dear to us, than that which [[deletion]] with [[/deletion]] [[addition]] subsets between [[/addition]] the republick [[deletion]] is most dear to us: [[/deletion]] & every one of us: [[/addition]] our parents are dear to us, our children are dear to us, our relations & friends; but our country is more dear to us than all these put together; for which what good man would make a doubt of giving up his life, if it could be of any ^ [[addition]] real [[/addition]] use to y