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When they came ^ ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] together to give [[/underline]] [[/addition]] judgement, the President placed a golden chain about his own neck, from when hung on image ^ [[addition]] made [[underline]] of the most [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] with [[/deletion]] pretious stones [[/underline]] [[/addition]] representing Truth eight volumes were placed in the midle in which were written the AEgyptian laws. The & the person accused [[deletion]] acted [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] pleaded their [[/addition]] cause not by word ^ [[addition]] [[unclear]] but in writing [[deletion]] & assume that [[/deletion]] [[addition]] & as soon as the [[/addition]] matter was [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] throughly cleared up to the judges, sentence was given & the President turned the image justice to the party in whose favor it was determined. In this manner did the AEgyptians carry on the [[addition]] i [[/addition]] r [[deletion]] e [[/deletion]] judicial proceedings. They thought that much obscurity [[deletion]] was [[/deletion]] frequently arose from the pleadings of the Lawyers & that it often happened through their arts the [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ ^ ^ ^ [[addition]] tricks of their action [[/addition]] & the tears of the party in danger that the ears the eyes & the minds of the judges +